November 2014

Our 2nd Long Island event will be held November 23rd at Eisenhower Park. This event will be in honor of Dr. Bill Ross- Dr. Bill Ross was a doctor's doctor who died of pancreatic cancer at the young age of 65. He was a devoted swimmer since his high school days when he lead his NYC Bayside high school to a city championship. He participated in several USMS national championships and held numerous top ten times. Metro LMSC will be sponsoring the event – all proceeds from entry fees and raffles will be donated to pancreatic cancer research. 
Please register for the event. We will be giving out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals to all finishers. Additionally, we will have raffles and giveaway goodie bags for each swimmer who registers…… you will not go home empty handed! 
Additionally- we can announce that Olympic Gold Medalist ROWDY GAINES will be attending the swim event to meet and mingle with our Metro LMSC members. We hope you can come support a worthy cause and meet one of swimming greats!

Metro- SCM Championships
Metro LMSC’s SCM Championship will be hosted by AGUA at Asphalt Green December 7th 2014. Meet Start at 6pm. Please mark your calendars. Registration will be open soon and a reminder and link will be sent out. 
Additionally- Metro LMSC’s annual meeting will be held before the meet at 3:30-4:30 at the Murphy Center (Asphalt Green).  Please mark your calendars. All Metro members are welcome to attend.  It is important that all members of the Board of Directors (officers, committee chairs, and team reps) are present. This is the opportunity for your voices to be heard to provide feedback on Metro's current programs as well as ideas for new programs that would benefit our members and teams.
Usual Order of Business per our Bylaws, plus:
•    Voting on proposed 2015 Budget (Found on Metro Website)
•    Voting on word changes to Bylaws (Found on Metro Website)
•    Voting on word changes to FOG (Found on Metro Website)
•    Vote on destruction of 2013 election
•    Vote on BOD minutes
•    Report from BOD members

Metro LMSC Synchronized Swim Clinic
Metro is pleased to offer our first synchronized swim clinic to our members who love being in the water and want to try something different. The clinic will be held November 15th at John Jay from 4:30-6:30pm. The fee is $5 and will be collected at the event.
BYONP- Please bring your own noseplug ,but if you do not have one, Metro will supply one for you. Additionally, the water will be a bit cold (nice for swimming). If u want, please bring an extra towel for comfort.   
The clinic will be run by Dr. Jane Katz and Sharron Sydner. Jane has been involved and competing with Synchronized swimming since she was a young girl and even went to the 1964 Olympics in in Tokyo. Jane has stayed with the sport, winning many awards and recently won the solo synchro gold medal in 1994. Sharron, a swimmer since she was a toddler, had an early introduction to syncrho and even became a child performer at the Jones Beach Pool. In the late 1999 Jane and Sharron teamed up competition in many National and World championships together and even medaled as a duo at the 2006 FINA World championships. 
Jane and Sharron will also be accompanied by Joan Craffey.  
•    History & Background of Synchronized Swimming 
•    Relationship between Synchronized Swimming and Competitive Swimming
•    Basic Stroke Variations 
•    Pattern/Float Rotations 
•    Basic Figures & Skills 
•    Music/Choreography 
•    Sample Routine   

Jim Wu, Metro’s Fitness Chair, held a wonderful dry-land workout in October for Metro swimmers. The event was a huge success and everyone learned the hard way why Jim won USMS 2014 Fitness Award.
We will be running another fitness clinic Monday November 17th from 7-7:45 pm at Baruch College. Please rsvp 
Please find pictures from the October fitness clinic on our Metro FB site 

Other Zone Meet Opportunities:
If you would like to attend other swim meets in the Zone Colonies Area please see the following:
•    Leatherstocking Swim Meet, November 9, 2014, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY SCY • Adirondack sanction • deadline: 11/9/14 + deck entries
•    Cornerstone Aquatics Harvest Meet, November 16, 2014, Cornerstone Aquatics Center West Hartford, CT, SCY • Connecticut sanction deadline: 11/10/14
•    New England LMSC Championship – Colonies Zone SCM – North Colonies Championship December 12-14, 2014, Boston University, Boston, MA, SCM • New England sanction • deadline: 12/8/14
•    Mohonasen Happy New Year Masters Swim Meet, January 17, 2015, Mohonasen High School Rotterdam, NY, SCY • Adirondack sanction • deadline: 1/3/15
More events can be found on our Zone Colonies website

Swim Opportunity for a Cause: The Great Relay
The Great Relay is the biggest, longest distance relay competition in the United States.  Teams of 8 or more see how fast they can swim as a relay for 5,000 yards/meters.    There are many different types of teams that can compete to be ranked and receive recognition nationally: types of swim teams (summer league, high school, club, etc), pool lengths, and more.  It is a fundraising event that will help both your swim team raise money for necessary programs and support the inner city Swimmer Scholars at Trident Swim Foundation.  The Trident Swim Foundation sponsors the Great Relay to encourage fun competition in swimming and to raise awareness of the need for better swim lessons, competitive swim teams, and academic support in the inner cities of America 

When: November, 22nd from 10am-2pm
Where: Columbia University Aquatic Center
How: To register a team or request more information, contact Jeremy Fain at  or visit site

Red Tide is hosting a Catch and Balance stroke clinic (for all 4 strokes) on Saturday November 15th at John Jay from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM and is open to all Metro swimmers. Fee is $10 and will be collected on deck. 

To register email Romain before November 10th.

Congratulations to Metro’s 29 swimmers who have all placed in USMS’s Top Ten rankings of times across all LMSC’s in our country. Each of our swimmers will be receiving a $5 Starbucks card- keep up the great work! 
•    Special warm congratulations to Ali Polhill, Gergory Palumbo, Kristin Gary and Maftuna Tuhtasinova for having 1st place finishes and being the fastest in their age group in all of UMSM! 


Our first SCM meet took place last weekend at Baruch College hosted by the Bearcat Swim Team. It was a successful event with over 100 swimmers coming to participate including our friends from NJ and CONN. With 21 events and 4 types of relays- plenty of opportunities for competition and our swimmers came out! 
Pictures can be seen on our Metro FB page 

Metro sponsored a Bar Social after the swim meet open to all our Metro swimmers. Over 50 people came out with their loves one for free drinks and food. 
It was such a wonderful success to have so many people from all the different clubs come out to meet and mingle with each other; members from Red Tide, AGUA, Bearcats, Long Island Express just to name a few. We look forward to hosting more in the future. 
Pictures can be seen on our Metro FB page 

Please make sure to visit our Metro Website to follow our current team standings for our first 2 meets of the year!

Reminder that 2015 USMS registration began November 1st for those early birds. For those members who register as independent, please consider registering under the Metro Club as we will be able to pair you with other Metro members for relays through the year. 

This year, 2 board positions are open for election- Chairmen and Vice Chairmen. If anyone has any interest in running for these board position, please email our Nominations Chair- Cary Epstein with personal statement for why you would like to run. Current Chairmen RC Saint-Amour will be running for reelection for her 2nd term and Jon Einsidler running for reelection for Vice Chairman for his first full term.

If you have any news to share with the Metro Swimming Community, please email me, I would be happy to include it in our monthly newsletters. 

RC Saint-Amour
Chairman, Metro LMSC