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Contact the Metro LMSC Sanctioned Events Chair if you have any questions  Steve Shtab

STEP 1: Contact the Sanction Chair for date and availability of event

STEP 2: Click for online application at USMS, Metro Sanction. PLEASE SUBMIT THE EVENT APPLICATION IN WORD, just in case changes need to be made, and to put sanction number on right away.

Event Sanction Instructions

STEP 3: Metro LMSC requires that before any event is sanctioned, the event director must mail 2 checks- $25 Sanction Fee and $200 refundable bond to the Metro LMSC Treasurer. The checks must be made out to: Metro LMSC and mailed to:

LMSC Treasurer
247 Adams Road
Hewlett Harbor, NY 11557

STEP 4: The Sanction Chair will approve the sanction or contact the Event Director for possible changes to the sanction request. The Event Director will receive an email acknowledgment of submission and subsequent email for changes or approval. Once Sanctioned Event is approved, please contact the Sanction Chair and Chair to have event listed on the Metro website and be included in the Metro Newsletter.

 General information on Pool sanctions/recognitions

General information on Open Water sanctions

Application for USMS and/or World Record

Pool Length Certification Form

Split Notification Form


METRO 2013 Meeting Minutes & Reports

Semi-Annual Board Meeting Minutes – June 28th 2014

Semi-Annual Meeting Minutes- April 6th, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes- July 7th, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes- August 1st, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes -November 10th, 2013


USMS Convention- LMSC Representative Reports

RC Saint-Amour- Chair

Bob Kolonkowski

Jayne Saint-Amour- Treasurer

Steve Shtab- Sanction Chair

Jon Einsidler


METRO LMSC Documents

Metropolitan LMSC By-Laws 12/7/2014

Metropolitan Financial Operating Guideline

USMS Rule Book online

USMS LMSC Standards March 2012

USAS/USMS Convention & Meeting Minutes

USMS Policies & Governance

USMS LMSC Guide To Operations

Conflict of Interest Webinar

2013 Conflict of Interest Form


Metro LMSC Financial Documents

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